Our Services

At Summit Financial Advisors, Inc., we provide expert assistance in the following areas:


  • Mutual Funds
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Individual Stocks and Bonds
  • Separately Managed Accounts
  • Private Alternative Offerings
  • Variable Annuities

Financial Planning

  • Retirement Planning
  • Income Tax Planning
  • 401k Planning
  • 403b Planning
  • College Savings Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Investment Planning

Risk Management

  • Disability Income
  • Life Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance

Fees & Compensation

Summit Financial Advisors, Inc. charges most of its clients an annual investment management fee based on the following schedule:

Annual Fees
Based On Assets Under Management

0.90% - First $1,000,000
0.75% - Amounts in excess of $1 million up to $2 million
0.50% - Amounts in excess of $2 million up to $4 million
0.35% - Amounts in excess of $4 million and up
Summit Financial Advisors, Inc. has waived or negotiated lower or higher fees for certain clients, such as charitable organizations.

Summit Financial Advisors, Inc. imposes a minimum annual fee of $4,500, which may be waived or reduced.

Financial Planning Evaluation

Many people like yourself are concerned about the long-range effects of inflation, taxes, and the shifting investment climate. It is difficult to find the time to remain current with all the techniques to offset these factors.

There are some people for whom financial planning would not be effective. For others it may be helpful, but personal service might be too expensive, so the best solution is self-study and self-improvement.

However, many people have situations (forms of income, assets and objectives), which justify the need for comprehensive personal planning. For them the planning is more than offset by the benefits, such as reduced taxes, increased cash flow, improved net worth, etc.

The purpose of this confidential evaluation is to determine if you fit in the latter category. Please complete this form for our review and contact us.

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